for homelistening purpose only.


The idea of homelistening.de arose from the joy and pleasure my friends experience by my

homemade electronic music mixes.

These pieces contain my personal definition of sound.

To ensure the availability of my mixes to my uncountable mates all over the world,

I decided to distribute them by this page.



As I'm not a Dj in the common sense,

I try to express and to satisfy

my own and individual taste of electronic music herewith.

Emotions and moods included.



Of course, I do highly appreciate the tunes provided by professional artists

in clubs as well, but then

for clubbing predominantly.

Nevertheless these talents and creative genius have inspired

my output and work to a certain extent.

Thank you all for that.



I would like to spread my homemade compilations to my friends I know
since my childhood or my several educational and professional stations,
since my stays abroad,
from the dancefloors around the world,
just from the net.

All of them have one magnificent passion in common:
high-class electronic music.



Due to my new life overseas I don't have any opportunity to add some new pieces to my almost 50 mixes containing collection - at least for a certain while.
Therefore I try to update this page on a regular base with some friends' mixes in order to keep a fresh offer of delicious tunes I do identify with.


 This showcase includes various mixes of international artists

friendly to homelistening.de

such as

Sebrok  (PASO-Music, Kiddaz.fm, Tresor)

Roger Gelfort

Bjoern Wilke (Kaato, LevelNonZero)

Joachim Spieth (PASO-Music, Kompakt, Affin)

Raysoo (LoveInternational, Kuala Lumpur)

Angela Flame (AsianDynasty Records)

Xhin (Meerestief)

and is to be extended soon.



Especially I would like to dedicate this offer to

my friends


Marc Miroir (PASO-Music, LevelNonZero)


Sebbo (Liebe*Detail, Desolat)

to the inspiration, support and,

most important,

the friendship they have provided me always.


beats n peace, clee.